People Care

Here we are and it is Friday already; it seems to roll around faster and faster these days… In addition to being Friday, I had a great experience this morning. The local sheriff”s office calledĀ  and asked If I could assist them with a call they received. Of course I said yes. They then told me that a woman had called about a hawk in her backyard and she didn’t know what to do about it. ( the sheriff’s’ department didn’t know what to do either.) I called the woman and we talked about what kind of hawk she had, was there a wing droop?, were there flies or fly eggs present? ,and how close could she get to the bird. She had been very observant and had also taken a picture of the bird. It turned out to be a female Red Tail Hawk who looked like she was missing part of her wing.I explained that we do not do pickups, but I could tell her how to capture the bird and put her in a cardboard box for transport,. then if she would bring the bird to me I would be glad to take care of it. So I asked her to get as close to the bird as she could and the bird. It then started to move off toward the next yard. She started to call to the bird, “come back, come back…………..don’t go over there” We both started to laugh. It seemed so funny for her to be talking to this bird. She said that she had to call her daughter right away so she could bring over a cardboard box and glovesĀ  and capture the bird. When she first called, she was a bit frightened, but now she was really excited and wanted to help this bird. It was so great to start my day on such a positive note . It is always good to know that people do care.

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