About Us

Mission statement

Wind River Wildlife  Rehabilitation Center is an education based Wildlife Rehabilitation center.
We teach people to respect and to be responsible to wildlife and to learn to co-exist with them

Randie Segal

Randie Segal is the Director of Wind River Wildlife Rehabilitation in New London, Wisconsin. She is also a member of the Wisconsin Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Association Board of Directors and a member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Rehabilitation Advisory Committee.

Randie emphasizes respect and responsibility in her wildlife rehabilitation activities and stresses that Wind River is an education-based organization.

Randie shares her home in the pines of Northeastern Wisconsin with her husband, Jon, a Mustang, Windy, two cats, four “rescue” companion birds, and Simon and Schuster, her service dogs (both Standard Poodles).

Over the years, Randie has worked as a veterinary technician, and a nature guide, helped start a rape crisis center in Minnesota and helped start a senior free clinic in California, operated her own clothing store and her own tack shop and has raised two children, Kai and Gabe.